About Refpeople

The project

The idea of this new social network platform was inspired by an observation.

Facebook and most of the current social networks have made the choice to be widely opened to any kind of content. People can find one good and inspiring video and scroll down to get exposed to image or another video promoting violence, offensive or negative thing.

This versatility makes them a "Store All" place where good content with powerful impact are sometimes drowned by the other useless content.

Our offer simplely consist in offering a new plateform where people will be sure that being there, they will be exposed to positive, inspiring and useful content ONLY.

Refpeople - Social Network is a REF Vision Company.


The origine of the name Refpeople and the meaning behind it

This name consists of two parts : Ref and People. "Ref" is the abbreviation of the word reference. Reference here means good example, positive model people want to follow. In this sense, a refperson is someone who is or want to be a good person and a reference to positively inspire people around him.

The most interesting thing is that the same particule "Ref" took letter by letter as an acronym means Responsible & Engaged for the Future. In this other sense, a refperson is someone who feels responsible in the way he or she interact on reel life and specially on social network and do his/her best to maintain a certain level of social commitment in order to actively contribute to better the world and spread happiness around him/her. 

What are we expecting from our users ?

Users of Refpeople - Social network are invited and encouraged to share and refer to their people (Friends, Family, contacts, etc.) positive, inspiring and useful content ONLY.

From now, any social network user that will find an inspiring video highlighting an act of Bravery, Happiness or Kindness will have the choice of sharing it on facebook, twitter or on Refpeople. If that user reasons according to relevance, he/she will naturally choose to share his positive founded video on Refpeople because he knows that Refpeople users are more interested in viewing this type of inspiring content. So to give his contribution more impact, he will exclusively choose Refpeople for all his positive, inpiring and useful content because nowhere else content have such specific orientation.