7 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bills this Winter

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With winter comes reduced daylight and cold temperatures that cause your energy bills to go higher. In an average American family, about 46% of all the energy use amounts to the heating and air conditioning needs. This makes it the highest expense for most of the family. So, if this point make you think of some ways to save your money and energy both this winter, take a look at the below mentioned simple yet effective tips to achieve just that.

1. A high efficiency furnace:A high efficiency furnace is a great solution when your heating system is leading to frequent repairs, noisy operations or hefty bills. Furnaces that have been produced before 1990 are obsolete and produces only a fraction of heat than an efficient model. So, this winter find the right one for your home.

2. Adjust the temperature:If you are not at home or asleep, turn your thermostat to 10 to 15 degree that will help you save about 10% on your yearly energy bills. While being at home and awake, set your thermostat on as low as you are comfortable with. Call an expert, to know how to operate your thermostat.

3. Use the heat from natural sources:This one is the free one. During the day, open the curtains of your windows and let the natural sunlight and heat enter your home. Also, when fire is not burning, keep your fireplace damper closed to trap the heat in the house. And when using it, open the dampers to reduce the heat loss. And if you never use it, make sure you plug and seal it.

4. Repair little problems instantly:If there is something that isn’t working properly, get it repaired right away instead of putting it off for your HVAC system. In failure to address the issue instantly, it may turn into a big one when blizzard comes. Moreover, fixing the little issues is far more cost effective than replacing the whole thing.

5. Cover your drafty windows:You can start with finding the energy efficient window treatments. To cover your drafty windows, install tight fitting, insulating shades. In addition to this, use a clear and heavy duty plastic sheet inside your window frames. To reduce infiltration, ensure that the plastic is sealed tightly to the window frame.

6. Go for a programmable thermostat:The best way to keep an eye on your heating and cooling trends is to install a programmable thermostat. It allows you to adjust it automatically to save both money and energy. When at home, in winters, set your thermostat on low while being comfortable.

7. Maintain the heating systems:In order to maintain your heating systems, schedule the servicing of your heating system. For best results, research and find out what kind of maintenance is required to keep your heating system in good working condition. Also, read on maintenance of boiler or furnace and wood burning appliances. When it comes to your furnace, replace it every month whereas clean the inside of your wood burning appliance regularly along with its flue vent.

So, this winter make sure you use all the above mentioned tips to save on energy and get your bills down.


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